International Poetry Cantos (2015)

This page will evolve as my plans for the Cupertino International Poetry Cantos develop. Please comment with your ideas, favorite non-English poets, wishes.

In poetry terminology, a canto is a subsection in an epic or long narrative poem. Each poetry event during 2015 will be its own canto, and together they will represent a Cupertino epic poem, a narrative of the poetry presented, written, and shared in our city throughout the year. Canto means “song” in Latin, and also in Italian and Spanish, which is doubly appropriate.

Canto One: Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year (February)

  • Poem for Year of the Goat
  • Press about the Lunar New Year poem
  • Lunar New Year poem for Year of the Horse (2014)

Canto Two: Persian New Year, Persian Poetry (March)

Canto Three: Cherry Blossom Festival, Japanese Poetry (April)

Canto Four: Code Poetry (May)

Canto Five: Nature Poetry (June)

Canto Six: STEAM – The Poetry of Science and Math (July)

Canto Seven: Diwali, a Hindu holiday from India (October)

  • Diwali poem for the Cupertino Chamber Diwali Festival
  • Photos from the Diwali Festival
  • Photos from the Cupertino Library Diwali Celebration, with the poem “Diwali Voices” written by visitors to the Chamber Diwali Festival

As I prepare the individual cantos, I will be creating pages with links to poems in languages other than English.




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