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Welcome to the official blog of the Cupertino Poet Laureate. Wander around, search the pages and find:

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13 thoughts on “Welcome Cupertino! (Home)

  1. Hi Amanda
    Do you plan on doing any classes or events during the evenings or weekends? I would love to attend. I have been doing memoir poetry for some time. It is the only way I can do my memoir.

    Hope to see you soon!


  2. Hi Amanda:
    Do you think you will ever do projects that are in the evening or weekends? I work on Friday’s and am missing your memoir classes. I have been doing Memoir Poetry for awhile and would have loved to be able to attend. I heard about your classes from Keiko’s post.

  3. My daughter would like to attend, she has been writing poems since she was 5 and is now 11 yrs old middle schooler. Please hold a spot if you can. Thanks!

    • Hello Shriya,

      Thanks for your note. I’d love to have your daughter attend and will save a spot for her. It’s always a pleasure to meet young poets! I just want to be sure, though, that you are referring to the Poetry Memoir Class. It will be mid-day on Fridays (10:45-12:15). Is it okay for her schedule?

      🙂 Amanda

  4. Thanks Cupertino Poet Laureate for giving your readers a chance to experience golf poetry. Your link to my blog is greatly appreciated. I grew up on Oakland and went to Stanford so though I now root for the Red Sox I still feel neighborly. Keep up the good work. Poetry of all kinds is worth slowing down for.

    • Dear Dr. Leon, I appreciate golf poetry more than ever now that my dad, Vinny Morrone of Howell NJ, also an avid golfer has passed away at the age of 84 ( 7/6/13). He golfed well into his late 70s and loved the game. Don’t know if Dad saw the link between golf and poetry but he must have sensed something relaxing in both. Dad was a well read English major, a crossword lover, a school teacher, and a laid back clever ahd funny guy who enjoyed puns, dry wit, telling jokes, and any story worth telling, with a twist at the end. He loved my Suessian poems (biased, of course), and would encourage me to “publish that!”, I will be dedicating my first poetry book to him and wanted to add my ironic golf poem to this comment:

      “Where Tall Grass never Greys”

      Where he laid down his books
      taller grass overlooks
      yonder green, which the landscaper mows
      and he smiled to himself,
      “Here they’ll stay, with my wealth
      and if found on this ground,
      well who knows?”

      Like the soft lullabies calm the child who cries
      though he can’t know the words, what they mean
      yet the music comes thorough
      and the words call to you
      from the soil where the tall grass is green!

      Where the tall grass stays green
      and though none has ‘er seen
      any books to these days
      guess they’ve all blown aways
      but the wealth of this man
      can you all understand
      in the land where the grass never greys!

      yes, it’s true
      and indeed
      this old man knew his seed
      and indeed
      grew green grass that was tall
      that’s not all…

      it was in his own hand
      that he wrote “Golf is Grand”
      and his song, to this day, sung by all.

      Golf in Peace Vinny Morrone, loved by all who knew him. Golfing with the Lord and they are singing “Golf Is Grand.”

      My poems are on Hello Poetry and ig-clair.

      Thank you for your indulgence,
      Golf On,

      Gina Morrone 🙂

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