First Term – 2011-2012

This page gathers together news about the Cupertino Poet Laureate program prior to the time this blog was begun in November 2013.

Cupertino First Poet Laureate David Denny

First Cupertino Poetry Contest

Gathering of Poets (Cupertino TV Productions, December 2012)

  • We have gathered together three of our local poet laureates to read and discuss poetry. They represent the City of Cupertino, The Town of Los Gatos, and the County of Santa Clara. Poetry always seems more beautiful when read, especially by a poet.

Local Habitations Book Reading

Winter Light Readings

  • “Poet Laureate Dave Denny to Appear at Bitter+Sweet Thursday” (January 31, 2012) in Cupertino Patch

National Poetry Month 2013

  • Dave Denny invites community to a lecture on poetry, where he will explore the art and craft of poetry. (April 14, 2013)

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