Poetry by Past Cupertino Poet Laureates

This page contains links to books and poetry published online, written by the first and second Cupertino Poet Laureates.

Poems Written for Cupertino

  • 5 PM Cupertino” (David Denny) (pre-2011)
  • Dog Park Rules” written for the dedication of the Cupertino Dog Park, Spring 2014 (Jennifer Swanton Brown)
  • Prayer for the Year of the Horse” (Jennifer Swanton Brown) written for the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce Lunar New Year Luncheon, February 2014
  • In A Dry Time” (Jennifer Swanton Brown) written for the Silicon Valley Fall Festival in Cupertino, September 2014
  • A Gate in Cupertino” (Jennifer Swanton Brown) written for the Cupertino Library 10th Anniversary, October 2014
  • Cupertino What is Your Moon : A Lunar New Year Sestina” (Jennifer Swanton Brown) written for the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce Lunar New Year Luncheon, February 2015
  • Sixty Year Story & More” (Jennifer Swanton Brown) for the city’s 60th birthday, September 2015
  • Home on Diwali” (Jennifer Swanton Brown) for the Chamber of Commerce Diwali Festival, October 2015
  • Diwali Voices” (Jennifer Swanton Brown) collected the voices of visitors to the Diwali Festival, October 2015

David Denny’s Books

Fool in the Attic
“David Denny’s first book ranges in subject matter from personal recollections to broader, less-traveled physical landscapes–both known and unknown–that together provide a balance of sentiment and detachment. Always in flux, never content to unpack the world they excavate in expected ways, his poems realize the limits of the human gaze.” ~ Dana Gioia, author of Pity the Beautiful and Interrogations at Noon

Man Overboard
“In this suite of dramatic monologues, David Denny reimagines the ancient folktale of Jonah by listening to the voices of its many characters. Jonah and God, of course, remain the two principal players, to be sure. But in Man Overboard we also hear from the sailors of the Tarshish-bound cargo carrier, the storm that overtakes them, the great fish who gives sanctuary to the irascible prophet, indeed the ocean itself, as well as the merchants, courtiers, plants, animals, and king of Nineveh.”

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