Poets in the Parks : Vasona Dam, Vasona Pier, Hugging a Tree

Erica Goss (Los Gatos Poet Laureate and my friend!) and I have joined the Santa Clara County Parks “Parks for Life Challenge” — read all about it at this link. Our team is “Poets in the Parks” (of course) and the photo at the top of this post is our flag! Nifty, huh?

Today Erica and I spent some time at Vasona Park in Los Gatos. What a lovely place. I don’t think I’ve been there since high school. We visited Vasona Dam (Adventure # 24 “Take a Dam Picture”), the nice fishing pier (Adventure #341 “Locate the Pier!!!”) and we hugged a gorgeous tree (Adventure #25 “Hug a Tree”).

The photos below are proof!  #Parks4LifeS15

Jen Erica Vasona dam 1

Jen and Erica at Vasona Dam #Parks4LifeS15

Jen Erica Vasona dam 2

Erica and Jen at Vasona Dam. Don’t fall in! #Parks4LifeS15 (Adventure #24) Poets in the Parks

Jen Erica Vasona pier 1

Jen and Erica at Vasona fishing pier, with Emily Dickinson (in the little book)

Jen Erica Vasona pier 2

Thanks to Ranger Kenny for the great photo! #Parks4LifeS15 (Adventure #341) Poets in the Parks

Jen reading ED Vasona dam

Jen reading Emily Dickinson at Vasona Dam. Erica takes great photos with her new camera.

Jen Vasona dam

Jen (not falling in) at Vasona Dam, before we found the nice bicycle guy to take our photo together. See above.

Jen Vasona pier 1

Reading Emily Dickinson poems at the fishing pier. (“Jen, you have to hold the flag better”)

Jen Vasona pier 2

Jen holding the flag better but with her eyes closed. You can’t have everything. Vasona Lake fishing pier.

Vasona lake selfie with flag

Vasona lake selfie (with flag appropriately well positioned, thanks to Erica)

Erica hugging a tree

Erica hugging a tree, holding her flag high! #Parks4LifeS15 (Adventure #25) Poets in the Parks

jen hugging tree with flag better

Jen hugging the tree, flag better (after being chastised yet again)

jen hugging tree

Jen hugging and kissing the tree (flag smushed). Are you seeing a pattern here?

vasona lake selfie

One more selfie, Vasona Lake is so lovely, the afternoon was so lovely (but again, the flag is nowhere to be seen. Thank goodness for Erica and take-overs.)

We would like to thank very cute Ranger Kenny for taking our photos on the pier and a very cute bicyclist who took our photos on the dam. We did our own tree photos.

We had Emily Dickinson with us, too, and we read some of her little poems at all the sites we visited.

Watch this space for more action from your favorite Poets in the Parks!

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