National Poetry Month: Poetry Postcards

During National Poetry Month, it’s fun to celebrate poetry in small, unexpected ways. The other day, I received this postcard in the mail:

It was delightful to catch this snippet of poetry in my hands, particularly because it was so unexpected and surprising. It made me think that sending a poetry postcard is the perfect way to celebrate creativity and create delight for someone else.

The rules are simple:

  • Write a poem (or part of a poem) on a postcard
  • Be sure to include the title and author (if you’re sending the card anonymously and including something you wrote, you may leave the author off the card – just be sure to credit someone else’s work)
  • Send to friend, acquaintance, small business, etc.

That’s it! Simple and easy, yet powerful.

If you send or receive a postcard, drop me a note in the comments section and let me know about the experience!

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7 thoughts on “National Poetry Month: Poetry Postcards

  1. Lesley-Anne Evans says:

    I just came across your post now, as we find ourselves remote from many of our loved ones, and those we don’t know that well. So I thought why not, is this not a wonderful way to reach out, connect, and share some delight. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Lisa Scott-Ponce says:

    Wow, didn’t know about postcard poetry! Such a great idea that I dug up two “vintage” postcards and wrote excerpts from Mary Oliver poems on each one. Friends in Texas and Minnesota will be receiving poetry postcards from me in honor of National Poetry Month!

    • Kaecey says:

      AWESOME!! I love this! I also dug around for postcards and found my sister’s old collection of art postcards. I’m happy to have a great use for them this month. 🙂

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