Expressing Gratitude

To the Poet Laureate Program of Cupertino:

I am Flo Oy Wong, a Sunnyvale-based artist, writer, and educator. I am writing to express my gratitude for the outstanding Cupertino Poet Laureate Program. It is my pleasure to have studied with Amanda Williamson and now with Ann Muto.

I am pleased to share this news – a poem, “At the End of Her Day,” that I wrote in one of Amanda’s workshops has been published in the fall 2016 Blue Collar Review. Amanda was highly inspirational in introducing her workshop participants to the lyric voices of many established poets.

Now, I continually look forward to taking Ann Muto’s workshops, many of which are offered at the McClellan ranch park. Ann demonstrates that nature is a powerful source from which to write poems. Ann is also introducing us to established poets who are inspired by Nature.

I am also a member of the Cupertino Poetry Circle shepherded by Ron Miller @ the Cupertino Y.

To be able to learn from these two outstanding community literary programs is a blessing. For that and more I am grateful.

Flo Oy Wong

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