Media Poetry Studio Fabulous Finale!

As one of the co-founders* of Media Poetry Studio it was my huge pleasure to attend the celebratory viewing of the students’ video poems. The event was held August 1, 2015, at the Milpitas Library. Not having ever been to that really really interesting venue, I enjoyed the historic building almost as much as the poetry.

milptias library 2 milpitas library 1

If you head over to the MPS website, you can see the videos of the poems, created by the students. You can follow MPS on Facebook and see more photos.

erica jen david three PLs

*It was a “Three Poets Laureate” project, but I was never one of the directors — all kudos and huzzahs for the fabulous outcome of MPS goes to Erica Goss and David Perez. Here we are, three poets laureate: Erica, me and David.

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