Celebrating National Poetry Month during Pandemic

Dear friends and fellow poets! 

April – the National Poetry Month is here! I am reaching out to tell you you’ve been in my thoughts and in my heart! As we continue to follow the Santa Clara County “shelter-in-place” until May 3rd, we shall stay connected and celebrate Poetry together!

It is the most difficult time we are going through right now – if you or your loved ones are isolated, suffering from Coronavirus, hospitalized or lost jobs, I am sending my courage & love to you and your family! As this COVID-19 has rapidly hit every corner of globe, I hope our poetry about how “Social Distance” reshapes our lives during this exponential pandemic will help us to battle, to heal and to prevail. 

Let our inner Shakespeare speak out and loud, the stories of our own may offer a sense of comfort, hope and strength to the person next to us, the power of words may save lives! 

Please submit 1-3 poems to the below email, thank you! PoetLaureate@cupertino.org or cpl.jingjingyang@gmail.com

Stay Safe & Poetic! 

Jing Jing

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