Tuesday Poem: two from Californian poets David Perez and Jennifer Swanton Brown

Circles within circles in the blogosphere — the below link redirects to my post on my personal blog, A Twirly Life, in which I thank Michelle Elvy for interviewing Erica Goss and discussing Media Poetry Studio on the hub blog Tuesday Poem, and for posting my poem, together with David Perez’s poem in her blog, Glow Worm.

Or, in bullets, for those of you who think visually, like me:

  • Thanks to Michelle Elvy for hosting an interview about Media Poetry Studio
  • I found two new cool blogs I will follow full of poetry (Glow Worm) and (Tuesday Poem)
  • Here’s a poem of mine for you to read.

Jennifer Swanton Brown - A Twirly Life

Tuesday Poem: two from Californian poets David Perez and Jennifer Swanton Brown.

More on Media Poetry Studio, with a poem by David and one by me. Thanks so much to Michelle Elvy for featuring us on Tuesday Poem and on her blog, Glow Worm.

For some reason, my poem doesn’t show up with the correct line breaks, so I’m reproducing it here, too.

Playing Solitaire

Playing solitaire
at the coffee shop
with my cuppa
and a seasonal scone

reminds me of some poems

offers sociological
observational opportunities.

Feels good.

A voice nags Go home. G
et organized for the New

Another voice rhymes should
with could, mumbling
someone is a would

and I’m late with the
pound bags of beans

But maybe not.

There is no urgency
on the faces
around me
at little tables
at conversation.

Maybe there is no
urgency at…

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