Found Poetry. Try It and Share!

Sometimes all you need is a little kick in the pencil. This list of prompts from The Found Poetry Review is compiled from a list of phrases used by a literacy specialist at a middle school.


Here’s what I got from the exercise. I used a few of the phrases.

Many Thanks

If we were older
the first word
every morning might be
Thanks for another chance at day.

How many words
do you have left?
How many words do I,
how many, many, many?

Let’s start practicing
tomorrow.  Or, we could
start this minute.
Thanks. Many, many, many.

Why don’t you write a poem using a prompt from this phrase list. If you do, please share.

The image for this post is from a teacher’s classroom site, where she taught found poetry. It’s amazing. I always feel so good to find others teaching poetry. Ms. Morris looks like she’s doing a bang up job.

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