Prompt # 39 Monday, Monday

Today’s prompt is based on the poem I wrote this morning — which I realized is backwards. Usually I put up a prompt, then I write to it, and ask you to write to it, too. Today, I got up, drank my tea in the backyard and thought about the morning — and then I found myself writing a poem. A poem about being squeamish, a poem about bunnies and cats and lizards, a poem about Monday morning.

So, I’m challenging you to write a poem about Monday! And since this prompt is going up so late in the day, if you’d rather, write a poem about Tuesday, or Wednesday, or — you get the picture. Pick a day of the week and contemplate it.

To get you in the mood, listen to this recording of The Mamas & the Papas, from 1966, singing one of their great hits, “Monday, Monday.”

Looking for a Monday poem to share, I found this delightful poem, “Moonlight Monologue for the New Kitten,” by Péter Kántor, translated from the Hungarian by Michael Blumenthal. It’s even about kittens (like my poem was this morning). The poem is about the non-replaceable nature of things, as in this stanza, which links the old kitten with the day gone by.

But for me they aren’t replaceable,
not the kitten, not the Monday, not anything else;
for me they never die.

You might also like this poem, “Blue Monday,” by Diane Wakoski, a contemporary American poet. It’s a strangely moving, fluid, free verse poem, contemplating the passing of many things.

Blue Monday. Monday at 3:00 and
Monday at 5. Monday at 7:30 and
Monday at 10:00. Monday passed under the rippling   
California fountain. Monday alone
a shark in the cold blue waters.

So, a couple of poems, some music, and the week ahead of you. (I hope your Labor Day was a happy one.)


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