The Million-Line Poem from Tupelo Press

Right about this time in April, poets near and far are gasping at the well — so much poetry — so many invitations — so many readings —

It’s my first year as a poetry public official (hah!) and I was not prepared. How could poetry — that fleeting energy I love with all my being turn on me with her talons and rip my heart and lungs right out? I don’t think poetry did it to me on purpose — poetry just wants to be loved like the rest of us. Anyway — there must be a poem in there somewhere —

Fortunately for me, there is a place you can go to read the world’s longest poem. It just seems right at the end of Poetry Month. Tupelo Press has some very cool projects, and one of them is “The Million-Line Poem.” Anyone can submit a couplet (two lines of poetry) and they publish the ones they like. There are several repeat offender poets, and I’m even in there. Today is Day 646 of the project and the lines (submitted by V. Jane Schneeloch from Springfield MA, and which I love) are:

From strips of pain
she fashioned a thick coat.

What would you write in response to them?

(The Raquel Welch movie poster is in no way associated with Tupelo Press or its poets — I don’t think — but sometimes you just have to make yourself laugh — when poetry is hurting, try Raquel Welch movie posters.)

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