Poets Laureate Discuss and Laugh

Even though there is so much to watch on TV these days, what with the Olympics and Downtown Abby, I am hoping you might have a moment to watch this segment of local Los Gatos (CA) TV. My friend Erica Goss, the current Los Gatos Poet Laureate, has a local show called “Word to Word” about poetry. For her first segment this year, she invited me to be her guest. I was nervous and in need of a better stylist (I had to borrow her lipstick, not having any of my own) but she was gentle and we had a good chat.

I’m on the first 14 minutes, and if you want to skip around you can find me discussing my work with California Poets in the Schools (from about 1:00) or mentioning my awesome Mom (4:39) or my plans for being Cupertino Poet Laureate (5:40). I read three of my poems, starting at around 9:06.

I hope you enjoy whatever portion of this you might watch — I find it very hard to watch myself, but my daughter says I have to get used to it if I’m going to be famous. Argh. Personally, I’d rather watch my 9-month old nephew waddle around the kitchen.

Please feel free to share the link in the interests of spreading poetry all over the place.

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