Prompt No. 6

Poetry prompt for 11/14/13. I’ve been thinking about how to write a poem in response to Typhoon Haiyan, and I came upon Michelle Boisseau’s poem “The Fury That Breaks” in my May 2013 issue of Poetry. (See link for the poem online). The poem discusses fury, both as something that a group of people might have, but also personifies fury somehow, in a surrealistic way, as a being that can break people and trees apart into many pieces.

Try writing a poem about fury. If you like, just write about fury in your life or the life of someone else. Or, try personification: what does fury look like? Man or woman? Child or adult? What does fury wear, eat, say, think? Where does fury go and what happens next? What would you like to say to fury?

Enjoy the process and don’t be afraid of the feelings that might come out in words.

See my poem, poem draft images, and post your poem in response to the PAD blog,


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