Dave Denny’s New Book

Cupertino’s first Poet Laureate, David Denny, has just announced that his new book has finally been released. You can purchase a copy from Amazon, and of course, (according to Dave’s email) “if you prefer to buy it from your local bookshop, it’s available through any bookstore, as well as all the familiar digital platforms.”
More from Dave:
A collection of twenty short stories, THE GILL MAN IN PURGATORY is my first work of fiction. It’s been seven years in the making. My past literary output has come in the form of poetry, but my sense of vocation as a writer has always included prose forms. Like most of you, my life is filled with chores, family obligations, teaching, and grading papers. So the writing comes in fits and starts. I’m always somewhat amazed and grateful when something reaches completion.
You can post comments here to let us know if you like Dave’s new book, or if you’re inclined, post your comments on Amazon or Goodreads.