Mango Pudding at Chamber of Commerce Lunch

Mango Pudding at Chamber of Commerce Lunch

This was dessert, mango pudding, at last Friday’s Lunar New Year Luncheon, sponsored by the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce, Asian American Business Council (AABC). This event, the AABC’s 16th annual luncheon, was full of happy noise, good food courtesy of the Dynasty Seafood Restaurant, and many vibrant Cupertino businessmen and women. I wrote a special poem for them to honor the Year of the Horse, and read it together with another poem celebrating horses. It was a “tough crowd” but many listened respectfully and seemed to appreciate the opportunity to hear from the CupPL. I had a blast.

Thanks to Anne Stevenson of the Cupertino Library Commission and the AABC for inviting me. Poems to follow, soon.