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In December 2010, the City Council of Cupertino unanimously adopted a resolution establishing the office of the Cupertino Poet Laureate. Cupertino’s Poet Laureate is charged by the City to officially promote poetry and other literary forms to the City’s diverse population. Each person appointed Poet Laureate will preside for two years. Through personal presentations and hosted educational events, the Laureate will introduce adults and youth to the benefits of personal and community expression, highlighting living and working in Cupertino.

  • David Denny was Cupertino’s first Poet Laureate, serving from September 2011-September 2013. Follow Dave at http://www.daviddenny.net/


  • Jennifer Swanton Brown served as the City’s second Laureate, serving from October 1, 2013-December 2015. Follow Jennifer at https://twirlyword.wordpress.com/

(Photo by Hannah Jenny)

  • Amanda Williamsen is the third Laureate, beginning January 1, 2016

Amanda headshot cropped


Please contact the “CupPL” with your ideas and suggestions.

Send mail to:
Cupertino City Hall
10300 Torre Avenue
Cupertino, CA 95014

Email: poetlaureate@cupertino.org

Follow us on Facebook: Cupertino Poet Laureate

Follow us on Twitter: @CupertinoPoetry

The Cupertino Poet Laureate is sponsored by:

2 thoughts on “History & Contact

  1. Hi Jennifer, remember me? I’m Crystal Tai with Cupertino Patch. I’ve translated many classical Chinese poems into English and posted some of my translations on Facebook. Would you like to share them on your site?

    BTW, your Persian poetry event sounds interesting. I’ll try to make it on the 25th.

    Best regards,

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